Citygroups are small groups that have a greater purpose than ourselves.

All three areas that our groups address - communion, community, and mission - are essential to the life of a Citygroup at City on a Hill Church. For families, singles, newly married, empty nesters, you name it. We all need to be connected to what God is doing in us, within our group, and in the world around us.

We want to avoid becoming exclusive and inwardly focused, So we start with the understanding that we need to be intentionally inclusive. This comes directly from our understanding of a Biblical mandate to reach out, befriend, and basically get past ourselves to meet people where they are at to both speak and live out the gospel with them, not to or at them. 

So when we gather, we have fun, we eat good food, we involve the entire family, we invite friends, and we share our lives together. These activities help to set our Groups apart and make them a great place to be for everyone. All of our groups get involved in a variety of activities outside of regular Church gatherings to give, serve, and love others.

If you are interested in joining or leading a City Group, email us at