The things that we value most as a church are:

  • To know Jesus and make Him known. It all begins and ends with Jesus Christ.

  • Having an "It's not about me" attitude. We want to me marked by humility and and unity.

  • Missional ministry and lifestyles. Outward thinking and lifestyles is where we have to be.

  • Vibrant, Spirit-filled worship.

  • Teaching and treasuring God's Word.

More on knowing Christ: Becoming a Christian, a.k.a. follower of Christ, is a lot like starting a life long journey.

It has a beginning point, an ending, and a whole lot of unpredictable life inbetween.

To understand what it means to be a Christ follower, you've got to undertsand the gospel.

One thing we say a lot at City on a Hill is based on a simple observation. Everybody finds a way to make life work, or they're not living anymore. We believe, and are utterly convinced, that every method or approach to making life work apart from Jesus, will leave you empty and constantly longing for something else to finally fill the void in your soul. Only Jesus can fill you and change your life into something worth living. That is good news for everyone.

Gospel means "good news". The good news of Jesus is simple and complex at the same time. The Bible uses different words to describe what it means to respond to the good news of Jesus. Receive and believe are two of the most common. To Receive Jesus Christ requires a turn to him and only him, and at the same time, away from sin. The Bible calls this repentance. Along with repenting is the action of believing. Belief in Christ requires putting all of your trust, your belief for a new and forgiven life, in Jesus alone. These are actions a person takes that ultimately come from a heart that God is working on and bringing to a place of finally understanding how wonderful the gospel truly is.

Knowing and following Christ is really all about Christ, not us. What Christ has done, how he has done it, and how believing in Him can give life like nothing else ever will.

The core of our mission as a Church is to live this same gospel. We want to talk about it and we want our lifestyles to give evidence to the fact that we've been changed by it. Next, we want to help everyone learn and grow in this life long experience of following Christ. Read this document so you can know more about what we do to make this happen. 

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City On A Hill Church is part of the Evangelical Free Church of America. If you want more details regarding our statement of faith, you can find them here.

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